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Grass Roots first launched in 2015 and has been a part of the NZ harness racing industry ever since... Series #1 (2015/16 Breeding Season) contained a total of 16 Nominated Stallions; Series #2 (2016/17 Breeding Season) had 20 Nominated Stallions, and Series #3 (2017/18 Breeding Season) has 18 Nominated Stallions participating.

To see the lists of Nominated Stallions to date, click on the respective links below:

Nominated Stallions, Series #1         Nominated Stallions, Series #2         Nominated Stallions, Series #3

If you'd like to nominate your sire(s) for a future Grass Roots Bonus Series (i.e. Series #4 which starts in the 2018/19 Season, or Series #5 which gets underway in the 2019/20 Season etc), click here to send us an email and we'll get in touch with you straight away.

Stallion Nominations for Grass Roots close on August 31 of every new season. This is because we do extensive advertising to our (and your) potential customers once the 'breeding' part of the season is in full swing - if you haven't nominated your sire(s) by the end of Autumn then it/they won't be on the List until a later date, or featured on this website as at September 1, and you'll miss out on all the promotion we'll do on your behalf until such time as it has been nominated and added to the List.

You can still nominate your sire(s) for a Grass Roots Series at any stage of each breeding season of course, but it's to your advantage to do this as early as possible.

To nominate your sire(s) for any Series of Grass Roots, the following two payments are required:

  • Stallion Payment 'A': which is mandatory: 25% (plus GST) of your sire's advertised service fee that season (payment due by August 31; Late Fees apply)
  • Stallion Payment 'B': which is conditional: $50 (incl GST) per mare for every mare more than 20 (pacing sires) or every mare more than 10 (trotting sires) that was served by your sire that season (payment due by May 31, nine months after Payment 'A'; Late Fees apply)

Note: if your pacing stallion ends up serving 20 or less mares that season, or your trotting stallion ends up serving 10 or less mares that season, then no Payment 'B' will be required for that particular Series of Grass Roots.

Noel Kennard

Series Founder & Co-Ordinator, Noel Kennard: phone (03) 347-9699 or 021 969-969

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